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Captains Info

Welcome to the Team Captains’ Page. If you would like to see additional information on this page, please send us a note with your suggestions to


Site information

Captains can use the Site Description Form to create or update the descriptions for their sites. This information is used by prospective new volunteers, so please include pertinent information, such as age restrictions, additional site requirements (security screens, TB tests, etc.) as well as the type of facility (Alzheimer unit, pediatric therapy unit, assisted living, etc.). 

Captain's Guidelines- New

Suggestions for Special Visits Captains - New

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Aggression Incidents

Any time an unacceptable behavioral incident occurs between animals, or volunteers/clients and animals, the team captain is responsible for documenting the incident of aggression and submitting the Complaint Notification Form immediately following the occurrence. Unacceptable behaviors include excessive mounting and/or sexual behavior, shoving, and mouthing, as well as aggression.  Aggression includes, but is not limited to, animals growling, snarling at animals or people, fighting, biting, etc.

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