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Furry Friends acknowledges that our volunteers are the heart and soul of our organization. Your continuing dedication to our mission has brought thousands of hours of joy to the less fortunate in our community.

New policy for female dogs in heat

An intact female dog's estrus (heat) cycle lasts 2-4 weeks and dogs generally cycle one to two times per year.  Intact female dogs may not do therapy visits during their cycle as this can be disruptive for other dogs on the team whether those other dogs are intact or neutered. Visiting with sanitary pants on an intact female dog in heat is not permitted either.

AKC Therapy Dog Title

The  American Kennel Club Therapy Dog program has now expanded to include 5 titles! Learn more about the program by clicking this link: AKC Therapy Dog title. One of our Furry Friends volunteers will provide the letter to send to AKC to obtain this title for your dog. Please send an email to admin@furryfriends.org to request this. Get the details on the Furry Friends process to obtain AKC Therapy Dog titles for your dog.