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Add a Pet

Thank you for volunteering with Furry Friends. Please review the following process for current members to add a new pet. Regardless of pet age, you must have owned the pet for a minimum of 6 months before they are eligible to participate in Furry Friends.

Adding-a-Pet Process:​​

1.  Fill in and submit the Pet Behavior Screen Form Etiquette Class Sign Up and Schedule online, and print the Vaccination/Fecal Record and Veterinary Pet Evaluation form


2.  Have your vet fill out the forms:

  • The Vaccination/Fecal Record (certifying that your animal is healthy and current on their vaccines) 

  • The Veterinary Pet Evaluation Form (certifying that your animal has the appropriate temperament)


3.  Mail the completed paper forms to Furry Friends, P.O. Box 5099, San Jose, CA 95150. Also, mail in the Pet Behavior Screen Form & Etiquette Class Schedule and Sign-Up if not submitted online. Be sure to make a copy of these forms for your records before mailing them.


4. Please click here to pay via PayPal or enclose a check or money order (made payable to Furry Friends) for $50 per animal etiquette class fee with the forms. 


Please note that this is a P.O. box and is not checked daily.


Two weeks prior to the class, you will be sent a confirmation letter advising you of the date, time and location of the Etiquette class. This class is mandatory for all new pets. You must bring your animal with you to class. You cannot come to a class until you have been confirmed in writing by Furry Friends. Please bring the confirmation letter with you to the class.

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